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Brain-Boy® Universal 180,00 EUR
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Product No.: 2222-Set
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Brain-Boy® Universal

The Brain-Boy® Universal allows the testing and particularly the training of a total of eightdifferent central-auditory ("low-level") functions:

  • Visual order threshold (proccesing speed) ("BrainB-v")
  • Auditory order threshold (proccesing speed) ("BrainB-a")
  • Spatial (directional) hearing ("ClickBoy")
  • Pitch discrimination ("SoundBoy")
  • Auditive control of hand coordination ("SyncBoy")
  • Auditive choice reaction test ("SpeedBoy")
  • Frequency Pattern Training ("TripleBoy")
  • Duration Pattern Training ("Long-Boy")

Low-level functions describe very basic but essential capabilities within the brain; the ones included in the Brain-Boy Universal have a well indicated connection to language performance. I. e. a good pitch discrimination is a key element in vowel and prosody detection.

As an additional feature, the Brain-Boy(r) Universal complements the user at once with a five-level-scale on his success for any given correct answer by means of an artificial voice chip. This way the user receives a direct and helpful feedback.

As an additional nice feature the Brain-Boy Universal allows for a specific set of gradually scaled audible encouragements. Since version 5.0, you may turn on and off this function, and the device will remember the last setting when being turned on again.

The significance and trainability of these functions have now been scientifically evaluated and proven: From 587 students all functions were tested and norm data was derrived. Afterwards, number of 50 students used the Brain-Boy Universal for only five weeks, and their results improved dramatically in comparison to a control group. This research was done under the supervision of the Medical University of Hannover.

You can test some of the low level functions here:

Please take notice of our optional side products:
- Wall mounted holder for Brain-Boy Universal (Art-Nr. B 00574)
- Styrophome table holder for Brain-Boy Universal (Art-Nr. 9059)

The Brain-Boy Universal is shipped with

- 9V battery
- Manuals for adults and children
- Headphones (MT-HS-16-IV)

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Saturday, 01. January 2000.

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